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We believe in hard work; we are loyal to our clients; we believe in the communities we serve throughout Middle Tennessee.

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I have a strong conviction-
That justice is man’s greatest interest on earth
-that justice is the same whether owed by one man to four million Tennesseans or by four million to one man
-that justice is the aim of free government and the key to liberty under the rule of law
-that liberty will be pursued until it is obtained or until liberty is lost in the pursuit.

Our courts must be the ever-vigilant guardians of the basic rights and fundamental freedoms of every segment of our society and of each individual citizen - yes, even those of the least among us. Particularly these because only the courts can equalize the odds and foster and protect the great American dream of liberty under the law, of freedom for all, of equal and exact justice, of full and first class citizenship.
— Honorable Joseph W. Henry, Chief Justice | Tennessee Supreme Court




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